Sunday, January 9, 2011

UWL at the Equator

This morning, everyone was up by 7am. (Rough for some I am sure, but they will get used to it) Erik ran to make sure everything was set at the restaurant for breakfast to discover the place was still closed. So, change in plans and he solidified breakfast at another place. Breakfast consisted of fresh pineapple juice, scrambled eggs, and toast (simple and light). We hit the road for the coast about 9:30am and stopped at "Mitad del Mundo." The statue pictured represents the center of the world. The true center of the world has been determined to be a couple km away thanks to modern gps technology. Everyone is getting along great. In fact, when Erik went to the airport to meet the final 5 arriving everyone piled into room 18 of the hotel, played games, and told stories.

We are now in for a several hour bus ride but will view much of the Andes, Ecuadorian landscape, and coast along the way.

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  1. Packer win! 21-16 ended it with an interception by Williams. Defense was on fire - completely shut down Vick. Offense was good - huge run game by Starks (rookie). Hope all is well in Ecuador, Mom says she loves you and misses you

  2. Now I realize why we try to spell Ecuador with a "q"....Equator! Wishing you all safe and fulfilling adventures.