Friday, January 14, 2011


We woke up, again, bright and early ready to go to CSF and finish up our work. Breakfast was fried dough, eggs, and the usual drinks for the morning. Following breakfast everyone got their things together and we waited for another car ride to Cabo. We arrived in CSF around 9am and quickly got underway. There were groups painting bleachers, letters of the school, finishing up left over walls from the day before, windows from the day before, and painting the nurses office. As groups completed their various projects they began to help other groups. Everyone was getting tired but wrapping up by 11-ish. We then gathered all the brushes and got everything cleaned while a couple groups finished up, not to mention, took some of the group pictures before heading back and waiting for the rides back so we could eat lunch by 12-12:30p. Erik ran off to grab Chris who went to the CSF dentist with a teacher that is volunteering and teaching Spanish at the school that was just completed. Erik found Chris, but the rest of the group got back as to not miss lunch. Erik and Chris eventually got back but not until after Chris got a valuable lesson and hands on experience in dentistry by the dentist in Bunche. Lunch for the day was fried chicken (ecuadorian style) with rice, beans, salad, and pineapple juice.
After lunch the group had a little while to relax and at 1:30p we wnt to the house of a man named Freddy Trejo. Freddy works with the volunteers quite a bit and takes groups on excursions. The plan for the afternoon was to hike to a nearby waterfall, but freddy wasn't there to join us. Instead a local boy named Pedro (and someone Erik knew well) joined us on the hike to the falls. The hike took us about 40 minutes through the secondary coastal rainforest. The group seemed to have a blast on the hike and tredged through a stream, passed a lot of nature, tried fresh cacao (what chocolate comes from) among other adventures. Everyone was at the falls for about 45minutes and before heading back to the station. As we neared the station students had the option to visit a lookout point and some excepted the offer and others went back to the station or beach. It wasn't until we were posing for pictures some of us noticed that we were standing on an ant hill (of which the ants were dime size). Rachel and Erik got bit, (nothing bad) but it didn't deter the picture taking at the lookout point. When that group was done they returned to join the rest of the group getting cleaned up at the station before dinner.
Dinner was pasta (a nice change) and the sauce for non-vegetarians was an alfredo with chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower and of course fresh lemonade.
After dinner, the group stuck around playing games in the dining room for quite a while before calling it a night.

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy!
    Packers beat the Falcons, I think it was 48 to 21.
    Bears beat the Seahawks, 35-24.
    The NFC Championship Game will be hosted by Chicago next Sunday, 2 pm Central.

    Please let Lauren M. know that Lauren Wallen.... is in Quito now. I talked to her father, use face book to get in touch when you get back to Quito.

    Travel safe!